Business Case


Business Case

It makes business sense

Accessible websites are a legal obligation, but perhaps you need more reasons to tweak your event website and registration platform to be accessibility compliant. W3C provides some great business motivators for adopting accessibility.

The Corporate Business Case 

  • Financial gains and cost savings from increased web use due to increased potential market share, search engine optimization (SEO), and increased usability

  • Reducing risk of legal action, high legal expenses, and negative image

  • Public relations benefits of demonstrating corporate social responsibility (CSR)

  • Benefits of an inclusive workplace that supports employees with disabilities

A Not for Profit Organisation 

  • Social responsibility factors, such as the organization’s commitment to human rights, including the right to information

  • Organization’s interest in ensuring that its materials are available to all of its potential audiences

  • Supporting older people with age-related impairments who may be donors

A Government Ministry or Agency 

  • Laws and policies that require public services are available to all, such as anti-discrimination legislation or information and communications technology (ICT) policy

  • Demonstration of social responsibility and provision of information and services that are accessible to all citizens

  • Savings from improved server performance and decreased site maintenance

  • Benefits from enabling people with disabilities and older users to interact with them online instead of more costly ways

A Small to Medium-Sized Enterprise (SME)

  • Positive impact on search engine optimization (SEO) from accessibility improvements

  • Importance of an increasing market among people with disabilities and older people who may significantly benefit from accessible online shopping

  • Increased general usability and trustworthiness of online shopping interfaces from improved accessibility

  • Reduced risk of legal action and negative publicity from not complying with anti-discrimination legislation

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Our health check follows the guidelines of a W3 preliminary accessibility evaluation. Just send us between 1-3 web page urls to check and we will email you and overview of elements that need work for a compliant web page.

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