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Web Accessibility

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Web Accessibility

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HEALTH CHECK (normally $500)

W3C, world wide web consortium

Our health check follows the guidelines of a W3 preliminary accessibility evaluation. Just send us 3 web addresses to check and we will send you a next steps action plan by email (no obligation to purchase)

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Who Have We Helped?

DiverseAbility: NDIS Inclusion Conference, our team configured the conference registration platform to ensure it meets standards as per W3C’s WCAG2.0 accessibility guidelines.  Digital accessibility is key at DiverseAbility: NDIS Inclusion Conference, our team ensure that all registrants experience a seamless and hassle-free registration process.

DiverseAbility: NDIS Inclusion Conference

NSW the State of Inclusion Conference 17-18 May 2017, Sydney ICC.  As accessibility was the heart of the conference, we were required to provide inclusive planning for all aspects of the conference, from onsite logistics to online communications.

Live work and Play Conference

37% of complaints represent disability discrimination act

Disability discrimination accounts for the highest volume of complaints across the board to the Australian Human Rights Commission and this number is steadily increasing.
Source: Human Rights Commission

We make it easier for events to be accessibility compliant

  • We work closely with our accessibility partner Me2Accessibility whose clients include Westpac, Woolworths, Commonwealth Bank and more

  • We build, audit and test digital platforms pre-event and on-site to Australian accessibility standards

  • Handle telephone calls from care handlers or individuals having issues with registration

  • Manage accessibility on-site logistics and pre-event planning

  • Ensure on-site signage meets with accessibility guidelines

Our Auditing Partner

Me2accessibilityOur auditing partner’s consultants have an average of 10 years’ experience and have together completed over 300 WCAG 2.0 accessibility audits, evaluations and assessments. Their consultants have trained hundreds of designers, developers, testers and content authors in various areas of digital accessibility.

Clients choose us because we are reliable, knowledgeable and well connected in the Australian marketplace.