The team and I sat down with this unique request for tender before Christmas, we read through it carefully and decided collectively we wanted to be part of this.

Turn shock into action

The technology industry is fast paced and busy so it’s easy to live in a bubble, this isn’t a bad thing, it just means it’s easier to overlook what is going on outside of our bubble.

For all those corporate executives who were shocked by the revelations of The Royal Commission’s report into institutional responses to child sexual abuse, where over 8,000 private sessions were held with abuse survivors and 4,000 institutes were reviewed over allegations of sexual abuse, there is a way we the corporate world can contribute and prevent this from happening again.

The BCS team are now working on the Safe Children Conference 2019 hosted by The Child Abuse Prevention Service (CAPS) that educates & provides the tools to implement child safe principles recommended in the report from The Royal Commission into institutional responses to child sexual abuse.  We have just finalised the sponsorship packages for the conference and are gearing up to take registrations from agencies and professionals who work with children shortly.

Empowerment, Prevention & Protection

CAPS who host the conference have been running safe children, safe families programs for some time now. Their valuable community work has long reaching consequence for child safety and adult awareness. Their unique programs have significant influence over children’s capacity to understand, absorb and implement protective behaviours information. It’s this proactive approach on educating carers, parents and children to identify early warning signals that will reduce the amount of abuse cases in Australia. CAPs is a not for profit and registered charity, their donations can only go so far.

How can corporates help to protect and prevent?

Part of the reason I took on this project is because I know that large corporates are no longer assessed by their financial performance, social impact and the relationship they have with their community are just as important metrics.  Any organisation can support this from technology, retail, Government to consumer good organisations and more.

“Australian businesses are recognising the intensifying call to action to serve a social purpose, with 84% of Australian survey respondents citing corporate citizenship as important or very important”
Source: Deloitte’s Human Capital Trends

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