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B2B Event planning | Frequently Asked Questions of a Sydney Based Event Planner

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Many of our clients come to us because they may be the ‘lone marketing professional’ within their organisation. What we mean by this is that they may not have a local marketing and operations team to support them.

What is your area of expertise when it comes to events?

The Best Case Scenario team are experts in technology business to business marketing and B2B events. It’s our experience and understanding of the technology sector that sets us apart from other event marketing agencies.  We understand how technology influences and shapes sectors such as Healthcare, Financial Services and Government. We have worked within these sectors to create meaningful engagements through the medium of executive roundtables, educational roadshows, webinars, large-scale conferences and smaller seminars.

luli Adeyemo at a recent event
AIIA NSW Health Update Event

What are your event planning fees?

We have specific event packages, but because we know that one size does not fit all, we also created bespoke event packages to meet individual budgets and needs.  Our packages can range from a low-level, yet effective engagement campaign from $2,000 to over $25,000 for a complete end-to-end campaign, including event operations.

Why do I need an event planning agency to help me?

Many of our clients come to us because they are ‘lone marketing professionals’. What we mean by this is that they may not have a local marketing and operations team to support them, or have the leverage or negotiation power to get the best rates from venues, AV suppliers and more. Because we manage on a regular bases, we know the best venues and the best value for money that won’t compromise event quality.

The Panel at the Australian Grand Prix Executive Panel

Other reasons you may consider an event agency include:

  • You need to keep an eye on more strategic planning, while we look after the day-to-day running of events, from speaker coordination, to room plans to ensuring the best AV system.
  • Easy contingency planning, so there is a plan A, B and even C should your event campaign or the event itself run into difficulty.
  • Additional creative ideas that have been tried and tested, which means less risk for the client.
  • Expert planning tools readily available – such as budget spreadsheets, planning worksheets, speaker briefs, analytics etc..
  • Insights into new event technology, because we have tried and test many new tools, it proves to be less of a risk for our clients.
  • Creative content ideas, source speakers, thought leaders and research that will act as a drawcard for your event. 

How do you manage event budgets and timelines?

It depends on how our client wants to work with us, we have our own suite of event and marketing tools for managing budgets and there are methodologies we use to keep costs low and alerts in place if we see barriers ahead.

How many weeks out should we start planning an event?

Ideally we tell our clients to plan at least 12 weeks out from their first event, sometimes more if they have a very low volume of engaged contacts to market to. 

Audience engagement is the biggest hurdle when it comes to event planning, it can sometimes take up to 9 to 10 touches with a prospect before they engage. 

We always keep the audience central to our event planning phase, we imagine them on a journey of discovery from the initial awareness stage right through to consideration and finally ticket purchase.  We have a suite of engagement tools that work for each stage of the buyer journey that can be tweaked based on target audience, for example, C-suite engagement is very different to engaging with a department head.

How can we make our event stand out?

This is a common question, and one that everyone wants an answer to. You don’t need a big budget to stand out, but you do need great, original content. For example, when it comes to exhibiting on a show floor at 3rd party events, some spend a significant portion of their budget on exhibitor stands and little left over to spend on marketing to draw visitors.

We take a very considered approach when it comes to exhibitor marketing and leverage as much of the event organisers marketing channels, we also design stands in a way to attract show floor delegates, and a robust system in place to track visitor engagement.

Broadcom - man on exhibitor stand

I can't afford to hire an agency.

If you can’t afford an event agency to run your event then make sure cover all the basics and carefully plan the following areas and the rest should work out:

  • Identify your audience and build out personas, reach out to us for our persona template.
  • Create a content calendar and place each piece in the buyer journey from awareness through to repeat attendance.
  • When creating content always think ‘is this educational’, do not get lost in just selling a product, sell an experience, use client case studies and story telling to generate awareness of your brand
  • Monitor, measure and act. Data driven insights is so important when it comes to event, make sure that you measure engagement, tweak campaigns depending on what the data is telling you.

Tell me more about Best Case Scenario and the event services you offer.

Founded in 2007, Best Case Scenario is a full service marketing and events agency based in Sydney,  Australia. We leverage strong relationships within the Technology, Government, Financial and Health sector to bring the right people together to have meaningful conversations. We work with ambitious companies to help them grow and achieve outstanding results.

Connect direct with Best Case Scenario’s Founder and Director, Luli Adeyemo at

Event branding, marketing and communications

  • Marcom scheduling
  • Content creation
  • Communications
  • Social Media Campaigns

Event operations

  • Project Management
  • Risk Management, OH&S
  • COVID Safety
  • Compliance
Venue Management
  • Venue sourcing
  • Venue Liaison
  • Food & Beverage
  • Audio Visual
  • Accommodation bookings
  • Website support & Management
  • Website set up & management.
  • Site testing
Virtual event platform set up
  • Platform set up
  • Speaker support
  • Livestreaming set up
  • Secure viewing

Event registration management

  • Registration set up
  • Ticket pipelines
  • Reporting

Program development

  • Agenda creation
  • Agenda management across platforms
 Financial management & budgeting
  • Budget creation
  • Supplier management
  • Data management
Speaker Sourcing & Management
  • Abstract submission process
  • Speaker invitations
  • Speaker briefing packs
  • Speaker support

Partnership support services

  • Pipeline creation
  • Partnership deliverable management

Onsite Event Support

  • Production management
  • Venue management
  • Registration services
  • Exhibition support

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