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AI in Medicine Australian Summit

The Brief

Best Case Scenario founder, Luli Adeyemo had dreamed about hosting an engaging platform that would bridge the digital gap in healthcare. There is an urgent need to close the digital divide in the healthcare industry and she knew that it needed to be part of a global community to enable this.

Why global? because other countries are facing similar challenges to Australia, but some have also overcome obstacles opening up an excellent learning resource. On a trip to London in 2018 Luli meet with the CEO of AIMed and it was here that the planning to host AIMed in Sydney started, one of four AIMed summits taking place around the globe.

The key objectives 

  • Education modules of AI for clinicians and non-clinicians at our 2020 summit
  • Networking events between clinicians, government leaders, technologists and alliances who have the ability to propel change 
  • Quarterly magazine on AI in Medicine from a global perspective
  • AI in Medicine free educational webinars
Speaker at AIMed Australia Global Summit Conference
The Solution

Best Case Scenario managed the event end-to-end and it attracted speaker such as:

  • Dr Zoran Bolevich, Chief Executive and Chief Information Officer, eHealth NSW
  • Dr Martin Than, Director of Research, Christchurch Hospital Emergency Department
  • Dr Anthony Chang, MD, MPH, MS, MBA Chairman & Founder and Chief Intelligence and Innovation OfficerAIMed and CHOC Children’s Hospital of Orange County
  • Prof. Antonio Di leva, MD, PhD, FRACS, Consultant Neurosurgeon – Head of the Computational NeuroSurgery (CNS) Lab, Macquarie University
  • Dr George Margelis, Independent chair, Aged Care Industry Information Technology Council
  • Dr Ian Opperman, Chief Data Scientist and CEO, NSW Data Analytics Centre

An active community of human champions with a strong desire to propel AI in healthcare for better patient outcomes.

The Results

Over 80% of respondents indicated they will attend AIMed Australia 2020

It was identified that the next step is to provide an education platform for clinicians and non clinicians on the basic benefits of AI and how it can be applied today to ease workload and improve patient experience seamlessly.

AI should focus on solving problems of clinicians and patients first, and not be focused on the technology (so-called “design AI”).

AI has difficulty in bringing a value proposition for the C-suite executives – therefore a portfolio that includes administrative burden reduction is a key approach.

Planning is now in place for AIMed 2020 to deliver a practical education and training platform for clinicians and non-clinicians, we are having discussions with key groups to create a learning/education community that will equip the healthcare industry with the knowledge they need to make AI an enabler to deliver better patient outcomes.

The Client

A clinician led global movement focused on AI in Medicine

AIMed is the driving force ensuring the healthcare sector is not left behind. Our goals are to eradicate challenges, define AI enabled solutions and create an efficient workplace, with patient outcomes at its core. Our aim is to assist medical professionals to discover new ways to incorporate advances in technology to help the way they work. The AIMed portfolio is instrumental in reshaping the mindsets of individuals and the future of medicine.

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