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UTS sought to host the UTS Startups Summit, a first of its kind, large-scale event aimed at inspiring Year Nine and Year Ten high school students to explore the world of tech-enabled entrepreneurship.

The Client

The University of Technology Sydney (UTS) is a public research university located in Sydney, Australia. UTS is one of the leading young universities in the world, renowned for its practice-oriented learning environments, strong research performance, and deep connections with industry. One of their initiatives, UTS Startups, aims to inspire and support UTS students to become tech-enabled entrepreneurs.

The Brief

UTS sought to host the UTS Startups Summit, a first of its kind, large-scale event aimed at inspiring Year Nine and Year Ten high school students to explore the world of tech-enabled entrepreneurship. The event was not just about introducing students to the world of entrepreneurship; it was about showcasing the diversity and inclusivity within the industry and demonstrating that technology underpins so much of what can be achieved.

This vision aligned perfectly with Best Case Scenario’s ethos of working with changemakers who make a significant impact on the technology sector. Best Case Scenario understood that this event was a grassroots initiative designed to make entrepreneurship more appealing and encourage students from all backgrounds and cultures to learn more about the opportunities the tech sector holds for both creatives and tech-minded individuals.

The UTS Startups Summit was seen as an opportunity to ignite curiosity, inspire young minds, and drive the changes we wish to see. The event was designed so that students would not only hear captivating stories from young entrepreneurs who have walked in their shoes but also gain invaluable insights into their journeys, strategies, and identities. This was a chance for students to take their first steps toward their own entrepreneurial dreams.

The brief was clear: to support UTS Startups in creating an event targeted at year 9 and 10 students to ignite and inspire their desire to become tech-enabled entrepreneurs.

The challenge was significant, but Best Case Scenario was ready to rise to it, bringing their expertise in event management and their aligned commitment to diversity and inclusion to the table.

The Solution

Best Case Scenario took on the challenge of providing comprehensive event management services.

  • Streamlining operations & collaboration, BCS organised WIP documents, action items and ran weekly catch-up meetings. Created and maintained Runsheet’s for operations and production, supported the onsite registration process, documented volunteer roles and responsibilities.
  • Supporting speaker involvement, developed speaker tracking documents, created speaker briefing packs and supported briefing calls.
  • For marketing and promotions, Best Case Scenario delivered outreach emails to schools, created promotional assets, and leveraged their own network to support event attendance. They also built a portal for communications and assets, and liaised with the schools to collect transport and attendance details.
  • In terms of venue management, Best Case Scenario liaised with the venue regarding food and beverage and audiovisual requirements, communicated the run sheet to the venue, confirmed AV requirements, floor plans, and event signage, and provided accessibility information for delegates.
  • Summit production, we were the main point of contact with ICC AV to ensure the summit delivered a seamless production component. We liaised with speakers and UTS to create the overarching production elements.
  • Management of the event, Best Case Scenario supported onsite staff for briefings, supported the registration area and help desk and circulated a contact list with mobile numbers to all staff and volunteers, supported the auditorium zoning, reviewed the chain of command in case of emergency and arranged for St John’s ambulance to be in attendance.

The Results

The UTS Startups Summit was a resounding success, attracting thousands of Year Nine and Year Ten high school students.

The event ran smoothly, because of the great collaboration between the UTS Startups team and Best Case Scenario, through joint efforts of meticulous planning and execution ensuring a positive experience for all attendees.

The event was also marked by inspiring words from key figures in education and government. Murat Dizdar, Secretary of the NSW Department of Education, praised the teachers’ dedication, saying, “Understanding entrepreneurship and developing these key skills is a valuable component of your educational journey. To the teachers here, thank you for your dedication in bringing these students to this enriching event and introducing them to new ways of thinking and building skills.”

The Hon Anoulack Chanthivong, NSW Minister for Innovation, Science and Technology, expressed his anticipation for the future, stating, “We’re eagerly awaiting the next generation of entrepreneurs to rise and shape a brighter future.”

Murray Hurps, Director of Entrepreneurship at UTS, praised the event, stating, “The UTS Startups team makes me proud literally every day, but yesterday’s UTS Startups Summit was a new high point.” He also expressed his gratitude towards Best Case Scenario, saying, “A huge thank you to Best Case Scenario for their exceptional event management skills. Their attention to detail, professionalism, and dedication played a significant role in the success of the UTS Startups Summit.”

The UTS Startups Summit is a testament to Best Case Scenario’s commitment to delivering high-quality events and their ability to manage a wide range of event aspects.


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