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Work Ventures and Best Case Scenario Event Managment

‘Luli’s passion for life and get up and go attitude is what every organisation who is considering an event management company needs.  Luli has a genuine interest in understanding what makes an organisation tick, and how this can be used to attract success. 
I really would not hesitate recommending Best Case Scenario to manage your next event’

Linda Graham-McCann Chief Executive Officer Work Ventures

Hewlett_Packard_Enterprise_logo.svg‘Luli is amongst the best connected people I know in the IT industry, and drives events with Best Case Scenario as a tour de force. We’ve been working together for some 5 or so years in the AIIA, and I couldn’t recommend anyone more highly to drive an outcome for your business’.

Roger Lawrence,Chief Technologist for Innovation, APJ,Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Asus - Best Case Scenario Client, Sydney Event Marketing SpecialistsBCS offered insightful advice and support throughout the entire duration of the project and helped make the series of events a great success’.

Moonesinghe, Marketing Specialist, ASUS

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Chik events ‘We needed an event management company who was very familiar with our industry as well as an expert in the field of marketing operations when it came to event management. BCS grasped our pain points immediately and set to work without any hand holding’

Sally Glass, Managing Director, CHIK Services

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aiialogo‘Best Case Scenario has done an excellent job managing marketing communications for all our NSW events for the past seven years. BCS craft event content that brings value to our members. Clarity and conciseness are a must for our event communications and Best Case Scenario delivers’

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