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The Brief

RDA Sydney approached Best Case Scenario to develop and host an online webinar targeted at private businesses, government, not-for-profits and other organisations on remote working strategies. The webinar explored how to remain productive and engaged while working remotely.

Pivot from a physical event to an online webinar

BCS where engaged with RDA Sydney back in February 2020 originally for a physical event which quickly pivoted to an online engagement due to the Covid-19 crisis. The webinar theme, topic and speakers were in place within two weeks of discussing an alternative option. The one hour webinar attracted 110 Registrants with a 72% attendance rate and incurred an average attentiveness rate of 100%.

"RDA Sydney hosted a webinar on remote work practises just as there was a massive transition to working from home. Great results from an event pulled together in short order by Luli Adeyemo and her team",

The Solution
  • Sourcing a webinar platform to feature Q&A, Polling, Recording and Live streaming
  • Set-up of webinar platform
  • Creation of branding assets & marketing assets
  • Development of a social media schedule to attract a new audience
  • Created an attractive landing page to capture new leads
  • Scheduling of social media posts across LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook
  • Monitor campaign performance
  • Secured three diverse and engaging speakers
  • Recruited a seasoned moderator to ensure that delegates got the most out of the webinar
  • Curated the full program and theme
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The Results

Fantastic levels of engagement and feedback.

A key success factor was the diversity of speakers and four perspectives on working from remote working strategies – technology, research, well being and practical experience.

72% attendance rate and incurred an average attentiveness rate of 100%

best case scenarios client list includes regional development australia
The Client

RDA Sydney is a not-for-profit association that seeks to enhance sustainable economic development and employment growth across Sydney.

In this video RDA Sydney discusses how they quickly pivoted their face to face event into an engaging online experience. They discuss how the diversity of speakers was key to getting different perspectives that were of interest to their audience and why a good moderator can improve the overall experience and interaction for attendees.

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