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The fusion of data and strategy is about creating connections that count.

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Luli Adeyemo

Director & Founder of Best Case Scenario

I have always avoided spray and pray marketing and have always been in search of a more robust data driven approach of understanding audiences.  

The idea of disseminating content to indifferent audiences, based solely on generic criteria like job titles and company names, was far from appealing. It seemed too impersonal, too disconnected. I believed there had to be a better way—a method that could leverage the advancements in data analytics to pinpoint our clients’ ideal audience with precision.

And indeed, there was. Through diligent exploration, I discovered innovative data-driven solutions that transformed our approach, allowing us to engage audiences more meaningfully and effectively on behalf of our clients. 

I have always been committed to ensuring that BCS’s content creation expertise not only captivates but also precisely targets the right audience for our clients.  

Over the past few months my focus has been really understanding the B2B evolution from traditional marketing and sales strategies to data-driven approaches. It really marks a significant shift, one that I have navigated firsthand. I was on a mission to bridge the gap between BCS (Best Case Scenario) creating compelling content for the right audience.  

Technographics – meet my new best friend.

To be honest, lead generation was not the cornerstone of Best Case Scenario’s service suite. However, the landscape of audience engagement began to shift. I delved into the rich possibilities offered by data analytics, discovering how Technographics and intent data could not only match but also predict the perfect audience for any given even program or campaign. This exploration into market opportunities, technology stack adoption, and buyer behaviours transformed my approach.

Buyer Propensity Rating – another great acquaintance of mine

One tool that stood out was the ability to leverage Buyer Propensity Rating. It is a game-changer, sifting through the noise to spotlight the most promising prospects. This is not about generating leads; it is about generating the right leads. The shift from a broad approach to a focused, data-driven strategy underscores the power of understanding and action. It is about making informed decisions that not only resonate with audiences but also drive them towards meaningful engagement.
As I reflect on this journey, I am reminded of the importance of evolving and adapting. The launch of my agency’s new solution – TechPulse ABM is a testament to this growth. It embodies our commitment to leveraging advanced analytics and personalised engagement strategies, ensuring we are not just reaching out to accounts but nurturing high-value relationships on behalf of our clients.

Why ABM? 67% improvement in deal closing rates 

Research from Forrester shows that Marketers strongly agree that personalised content (56%) and advanced data management (43%) are keys to ABM’s success. 

According to research by Sirius Decisions (Forrester), about 70% of B2B companies are already focusing on driving ABM programs, so it makes sense to meet this demand.  

There has always been a focus on lead generation from our clients, but ABM is now part of a broader strategy that also emphasises new business generation, customer retention, and pipeline acceleration.  

Furthermore, companies that align their sales and marketing teams through ABM strategies see a 67% improvement in deal closing rates (source: Propello), underscoring the importance of collaboration between these two functions.

Take a step toward a data-enriched future 

For those ready to explore the depths of their market potential, I invite you to take a step towards a data-enriched future. Provide us with your target audience market, country, specific technology, and let us delve into your top targets. This no-obligation exploration is the first step toward uncovering the vast opportunities that await. 

In this journey, remember: “The fusion of data and strategy isn’t just about better marketing; it’s about creating connections that count.” 

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