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Are B2B Marketing Functions Entering a Period of Rejuvenation?

What’s really going on with B2B Marketing functions? Is there a deliberate approach to events and other marketing activities, or is it a case of churning out activities to harness everyone's enthusiasm to meet face-to-face with no real strategy?

I attended my first in-person event recently as a delegate and to say that everyone was hungry to meet and greet is an understatement. It’s great to see that B2B organisations are not wasting time and taking advantage of this hunger, my networking calendar is filling up fast!

Event management is in Best Case Scenario’s DNA, but we know that a shift has taken place in terms of how leading tech marketing professionals are using events and content to engage tech buyers.  

A recent US/Canada study conducted by Emerald called “B2B Events Industry Outlook 2022” shows that there is an expectation for sales pipeline attributed to events – live and digital – will make up for the downturn from previous years. It also found that the future was the quality of contacts and engagement levels beyond actual events.

What Plans do Australian Best-in-Class Marketers Have?

Closer to home, research conducted by Greenhat (supported by the Australian Marketing Institute), which surveyed 500+ Australian organisations, has seen a growth in account based marketing and an expression of hope that the persistent gap between sales and marketing alignment is closing in.

Seriously, hats off to Greenhat’s research findings (no pun intended here), they say the results of this report give every reason to believe that we are entering ‘a period of rejuvenation’. I’m ready for this type of positivity and it’s satisfying to see the statistics that echo the type of projects our team have been working such as:

  • Best-in-class marketers are almost 3X more likely to develop personas and customer journey maps
  • 87% ensure that one third of their content generated is thought leadership
  • 34% implemented account based marketing

As observed in Greenhat’s research, marketing goals are best achieved when there is alignment between sales and marketing, therefore we have shaped our event packages to accelerate pipeline generation and shorten sales cycles for more sustainable ROI.

Another positive change I’ve witnessed first-hand is the increased demand of events from our technology clients targeting Government and Healthcare, both in person and virtual as part of an overall engagement strategy. 

Due to this increase in demand, our team recently reworked our event management packages to make them available as a stand-alone option or as part of an overall customer engagement strategy.

We are so ready for this period of rejuvenation and remain positive when it comes to working with our clients to propel technology adoption within Government, Healthcare and Finance Service sectors.

accelerate pipeline generation

Due to a recent surge in requests we have created packages to suit every budget and need, we also offer bespoke options to guarantee customer/prospect engagement. 

*Survey included more than 1,000 B2B event planners, vendors/providers and attendees in the United States and Canada to understand how events are driving business growth in an industry that is both recovering and evolving.

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