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Facilitating the rise of AI in Australia

Australia's AI industry
For some time now AI innovators have shifted their market messaging from a ‘novelty’ pitch style to an essential innovation with strategic value for technology users within sectors such as Healthcare, Government, Education and more.

Reading recent headlines in the media you could be mistaken in thinking that AI is still in the innovation stage of the product adoption curve, headlines such as ‘Can AI help where humans cannot?’ and my favourite ‘Sorry Professor, AI did my homework’. 

There is no doubt that technology leaders need to maximise AI value, and it is encouraging to see that a critical technology such as AI now gains momentum in the mainstream.  A study from Deloitte supports this with 66% of organisations in their study, consider AI to be critical to their success. 

Since we announced our partnership with Queensland AI Hub (a Queensland Government Initiative) in March last year, we have had the pleasure of being part their community and witness the growth, advocacy and promotion of the business capabilities of Australia’s AI industry.

It’s exciting to be part of something that is building Australia’s AI industry into an innovative, sustainable, and globally competitive place.

Australia – The Innovation Nation

I recently read that If digital goods and services were a sector, it would be the 4th largest export sector for Australia. Isn’t this an amazing statistic?

Also, the department of foreign affairs also published that by 2030, digital trade will enable an estimated A$192 billion of economic value in Australia’s domestic economy. 

So, there is no doubt that Australia’s innovation savviness is one of its greatest exports. I moderated a panel at the Australian Grand Prix Corporation breakfast in Melbourne last month, the goal was to inform and excite attendees about current opportunities in the innovation space, with a view to furthering trade and innovation into the future between the UK and Australia was truly met.  All positive indicators that Australia is ‘the innovation nation’.

Export Market Development Program

Queensland AI Hub has just launched the Export Market Development Program (EMDP) and have selected our team to provide strategic marketing and engagement support.

We will support the recruitment of a cohort of 25 AI businesses and start-ups.  The grant will equip them with the right tools, skills and insights to prepare and successfully launch their products/services to international markets.

Our experience in this area includes successfully helping scaleups who are in the phase of evaluating their readiness to expand internationally,  contributing to the program’s success.

An awareness campaign of the EMDP has just been launched to ignite engagement. Our tasks include:

  • Develop a Marketing campaign project plan – includes the identification of key channels to reach AI businesses who are ready to expand.  Our team  will leverage our deep relationships with key technology associations who represent tech innovators across many sectors.
  • Craft assets to ease user experience and clearly guide applications from awareness through to action.  The focus is on clearly highlighting the benefits of the program and create social media assets with a strong call to action.
  • Create an engaging theme and a selection of educational marketing assets such as a landing page with payment gateway.
  • Support the application process, to ensure a smooth and pleasing experience.   Tap into our industry expertise and knowledge to vet each application through an interview process to create a short list of the best-fit applicants.

Applications are now open to apply for the grant, just visit the link. The deadline for applications is Wednesday, 25 May 2022.  Please share!

Other great initiatives Queensland AI Hub are supporting
  • Supporting researchers at The University of Queensland where they are using AI – embodied in robotics and virtual reality (VR) – to better understand and accelerate neurological recovery after stroke.
  • And Rockhampton Regional Council‘s Advance Rockhampton team to help facilitate industry engagement and enhance AI capability development in the region – helping to improve industry productivity, generate jobs and increase market access for regional businesses through the adoption of AI.

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