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Find the right corporate event management company in Sydney

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There are two choices when it comes to hosting a business event in Sydney: going it alone or hire professionals.

Hiring a corporate event management company to handle the organisation.

If you’re totally new to events management, or need to host a corporate event that’s never been done before then it’s always wise to take stock and be clear on how demanding or complex the task ahead is so that you can select the right option. If you decide that hiring in an event management company in Sydney is the right step for you then here are all the things you should know, before you make your selection.

1. Be 100% clear on what you want and need.

If you’re starting from scratch then it’s always a good idea to make an event wish list to make sure the corporate events company can deliver on exactly what you need. You don’t need to get into too much detail at this point but do be specific and concise, for example:
  • Do you need someone who has experience of working with Government authorities or specialises in running events for technology companies?
  • Will you need them to find professional speakers for you or do you already have them?
  • Do you have the necessary contacts to make this a stand out event or do you need access to a network of professionals?
  • There are lots of event management companies to choose from in Sydney, so knowing what you want will mean you can easily rule out any companies that don’t meet your minimum requirements quickly and efficiently.

2. Do a background check

As with any new supplier or partner, you need to factor in doing your research before you sign the contract to work with them. Check out the offices If you’ve opted to go with a small or new events company then take a visit to their offices. Ask them for examples of corporate events they’ve run and if they have any references you could call or speak to in person. Meet the team Another recommendation is to ask if you can meet the team you’ll be working with. Learn more about their personal background and ask them what they can bring to your corporate event. At Best Case Scenario we consider our staff to be our unique selling point and each team member is fully trained and experienced when it comes to Events Operations. We are passionate about getting to know our our clients industry, and welcome you to give us a call if you’re thinking about hosting a corporate event. Don’t forget the website or social media Any experienced corporate events company with a solid reputation should be able to send you in the direction of happy customers who can give you a glowing recommendation. Don’t forget to check their website for events success stories to get a better understanding. Search for some of their previous events online and check social media posts, reviews and write ups to see what others thought of the event. Take a look through any photos or video footage you can find to get a real feel of the quality. Look for creativity Just because it’s a business or corporate event doesn’t mean it has to be uninspired and follow standard protocol of ‘what’s expected’. If you’ve put together a great brief then sit with the companies and listen to their ideas and advice. You want to choose a company that inspires and excites you when you talk to them. In today’s competitive corporate and business creating a memorable experience is key to success – so look to work with events professionals in Sydney who inspire you.

3. Will they give your event the competitive edge?

With the constant stream of new technology in every aspect of modern day life it’s easy to fall behind with the latest advancements. However events and corporate event planning are evolving into new, dynamic formats and so it’s essential that you engage an company that can make sure your event stands out from the crowd and give you the competitive edge. At Best Case Scenario we primarily use Cvent and Ivy registration platforms at events, but not exclusively. The team are also adept at getting familiar with any technology or mobile apps organisations wish to use on site, whether it’s an integrated mobile app for event registration right through to polls or downloading literature.  Best Case Scenario’s event management is proud to announce it is in the process of joining the Microsoft Supplier Program, which means we are one of their preferred suppliers for event management services in Australia. In addition we are WeConnect certified, a global network that connects women-owned businesses to qualified buyers around the world. It pays to establish the quality, validity and experience a corporate events management company has. If you are planning on hosting an upcoming event and are looking for an experienced corporate event management company then get in touch with us today.

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