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Digital accessibility for delegates at DiverseAbility

DiverseAbility: NDIS Inclusion Conference - Best Case Scenario Event Management
Maintaining accessibility for all delegates is essential at any event, but for the NDIS Inclusion Conference its paramount
Our team configured the conference registration platform to ensure it meets standards as per W3C’s WCAG2.0 accessibility guidelines. Digital accessibility is key at DiverseAbility: NDIS Inclusion Conference, our team ensure that all registrants experience a seamless and hassle-free registration process. Our team also worked on another digital accessibility project with NSW Department of Family and Community Services, on their two-day conference Live, Work, Play: The State of Inclusion. Being part on these projects has opened our eyes to the needs of an audience that are largely forgotten during an event planning process. Many organisations are unknowingly excluding delegates with a disability from their event,  of which 32% are managers and professionals (source: Human Rights Commission). There has always been an emphasis on physical access, but now digital accessibility should also be paramount, extending to accessible digital apps and digital marketing material. Our event deliverables at DiverseAbility: NDIS Inclusion Conference
  • Ensure the conference registration platform meets standards as per W3C’s WCAG2.0 accessibility guidelines
  • Provide support onsite for all delegates
  • Act as the main point of contact for delegates throughout the campaign process, processing telephone calls and general enquiries regarding the event
  • Continually provide registration updates to our client
  • Available onsite to set-up and manage the registration process
At some point in our lifetime at least 70% of us will have a temporary or permanent disability. When planning an event, it’s highly likely you will have delegates of different abilities. There are 2.1 million Australians of working age with disability and 32% of those are managers & professionals. Contact us today and we will ensure digital accessibility is ticked off your event planning list.

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