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‘In Conversation with Change Makers’ Episode #3

Speaking directly with influential change makers within Healthcare, Government, and Technology, Best Case Scenario Founder & Director Luli Adeyemo is creating dialogue to uncover disruptive innovations, developing trends, and ethical responsibilities from those at the forefront of making change.

"Passion for inclusivity in business comes from real life experiences."

Luli Adeyemo - Director & Founder, Best Case Scenario

The highly anticipated third instalment of In Conversation with Change Makers features Laura Simmons, CEO and Founder of Theratrak, discussing inclusivity within the technology landscape for families and children with disabilities, and the benefits of digitising treatment offers both therapists and participants.

Episode #3

Using Technology to Deliver Accessible & Inclusive Healthcare

Laura Simmons, Theratrak

Pictured: Laura Simmons - CEO and Founder, Theratrak

Theratrak is the centralised hub for therapists to securely manage and connect to a clinical team. Within it, professional developers and support therapists create activities specific to one’s treatment style and needs, while allowing one to take expertise home with the use of their app to get the most out of every session, stay on track, and reach certain goals.

Theratrak aims to empower clinicians with the right digital tools to provide the best possible early intervention to children living with disabilities. Founded in 2018, this platform is meant to prescribe home programs for children and families including custom content and notifications. “The minute someone leaves a medical practitioner, they forget up to 80% of the information they’re told. Okay so that’s a medical practitioner. What about a mum who’s got a little boy with autism?” Laura explains. Theratrak captures visual information and therapist’s notes then sends this directly to the participant app so the program can easily be completed by the participant at home.

Laura Simmons has worked across Sydney as a paediatric occupational therapist in the private health sector for almost 10 years. While working with children living with a variety of disabilities and learning difficulties, her aim is to assist them and their families in everyday life to help them to fully participate and have the best quality of life possible.

In the third edition of the ‘In Conversation with Change Makers’ series, Laura uncovers some of the biggest challenges facing healthcare during the pandemic, and how her digital platform allows multi-disciplinary teams to bridge the gap between therapy sessions to create a more inclusive model of healthcare.

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Friday 1 July 2022   |   20mins

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