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Explainer video: 4 simple steps to event journey marketing

A photo of a figurine on a map to illustrate journey mapping
Marketing Consultant, Jen Murray outlines four simple steps to get started on event journey mapping

Watch a short explainer video from Best Case Scenario’s Jen Murray. Find out the four simple steps to get started on event journey mapping. 

Since the start of the Covid-19 restrictions we have served the changing online behaviours among your our client’s target audience.  Our journey mapping methodologies are built around our experience and shift in marketing consumption  giving you a clear view of what marketing asset mix is needed to get your prospects moving through the funnel.

I’m talking about the four simple steps you can take to creating a customer journey specific to event marketing

  • It’s about driving prospects to interact and take notice of your event
  • It’s about taking a holistic view of the pre, during and post event journey
  • And most importantly don’t assume everyone is on the same journey and the same time

It takes at least 17 interactions in a b2b journey to get a response from a prospect, it's important to keep in mind that the same marketing asset isn’t a one size fits all.

For example: Thought leadership assets can be effective at the beginning and end of a customer journey.  At the beginning of a delegates journey – the focus on a  thought leadership marketing asset is usually a wider- industry focused piece and demonstrates expertise and knowledge.

But as that delegate travels further on in the journey, thought leadership takes on a different role, where it’s more specific around a solution and how attending the event can be beneficial

We advise our clients to do 4 things to get them on the right track to journey mapping

  • Identify 3-4 ideal personas you would like to see at your event
  • Do some research into their persona’s marketing consumption
  • Look internally to see what exists in terms of marketing assets
  • Now you can identify the gaps in the journey and what resources are needed to balance the experience of the delegate with achieving event and corporate goals.

Email Jen for a copy of her journey mapping guide at

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