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Australian startups inspire me to never give up

Australian Start up building - Best Case Scenario Event Management
Australian startups serve up truckloads of inspiration and the words #dreambig #motivation are never far from my lips each time I meet a startup.

One thing I truly love about my job is the opportunity it gives me to meet with inspiring people. There is one particular set of people who never fail to impress me and it’s the ever increasing pool of Australian startups. I’ve worked with a number of startups over the past few months and I’m certainly one of their biggest supporters. 

Culture plays a big part in building an entrepreneurial spirit, if people believe in the skills and knowledge they hold and if start-up success is celebrated the foundations are strong for success.

I want to share with you an exciting opportunity from one of my start-up friends, so if there are any budding entrepreneurs out there who are ready to take the leap read on as this will help you on your way UP!

Little Tokyo Two is helping create a new innovation hub in the heart of Brisbane CBD!  The Capital will be a place where you can ideate, create and execute your project how you want and when you want with the support of Australia’s fastest growing community. Find out how being a part of this community can help your business succeed. It will be home to the likes of experienced entrepreneurs, scaling startups, corporate innovation teams and VC’s.

I’ve certainly got butterflies of excitement in my stomach looking at their new building in Brisbane CBD!

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