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Stop the event delegate sleepwalker

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Keeping event content engaging is the only way to keep participants from 'sleepwalking'
Non-interactive, broadcast style content encourages an event delegate sleep walker. People absorb information in different ways some by hearing & visuals, others learn by doing and taking part. If the aim of every event manager is to engage an audience, then which format is the most effective? Guided Discussions Ideal for smaller groups, perhaps use in tandem with a standard presentation style. After the main presentation, split the audience into several breakout groups to expose different answers, viewpoints, and levels of understanding and create multiple simultaneous rich customised learning environments. This can take some effort and organisation, but the returns are fruitful. Interactive Panels Best Case Scenario recommend this format frequently to their clients and have first-hand experience in making it work -successfully. The panel moderator is going to make or break this format, invest time and money on an outstanding panel moderator. Panels should be run like a lively talk show, with participation from the audience. The key is to involve the audience early, open up some live polling from the onset. Lightening Talks Again, Best Case Scenario have first-hand experience in this format. We have used the Ignite Format for our clients – each speaker gets 20 slides and each slide changes after 15 seconds.  Use large images and as little text as possible. Get to the point early. Game-Style Learnings This is where an individual or group work together towards a goal, during which the experience helps deliver content in a fun interactive way. There is also a tangible networking element to this, a top priority for delegates. Using game-centric content can certainly place an event manager outside their comfort zone, but the returns are worth it. Start simple by using an object during a Q&A session such as Catchbox, the throwable microphone.

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