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As someone deeply passionate about technology, I've watched its transformative power reshape multiple sectors, from healthcare to government. These industries have leveraged digital tools to improve efficiency, service delivery, and customer engagement, and now, it's the events sector's turn.
Executive Engagement by Luli Adeyemo

How can we lure executives out of the comfort of their virtual settings into the richness of face-to-face interactions


From a marketing perspective, the potential for revolutionising customer engagement leveraging events is immense. If there was ever a catalyst for this change, it’s undeniably the COVID-19 pandemic.

This shift to a digital landscape has been a defining moment for our industry, propelling us to consider how we engage with audiences in new, innovative ways. Just as technology has revolutionised healthcare by bringing consultations to our living rooms, and just as it has streamlined governmental processes, I believe we’re standing at the cusp of a similar revolution in the events sector.

DEI Coca Cola Summit Featuring Luli Adeyemo
Luli speaking on a panel for Coca Cola Executive Team Members

The Challenge of Strategy and Tech Stack

Even as the digital transformation becomes increasingly essential, many organisations are still grappling with how to define their event strategy and tech stack. The question isn’t whether virtual events can replace face-to-face ones—because, let’s face it, the value of sitting across the table from someone is still unmatched. The question is, how can we get those busy senior executives to step out of their home offices to attend a roundtable?

Leveraging Technology for Continuous Engagement

It’s here that event tech comes to the rescue. Platforms like RainFocus are not just about managing an event; they’re about managing a lifetime of interactions with your prospects. These platforms can weave several interactions together and even leverage AI to offer customised content. It isn’t just about that one webinar or that single conference; it’s about an ongoing relationship nurtured through technology.

“Using platforms like RainFocus, we can deliver a cohesive and personalised experience that keeps executives engaged long after the event has ended,” I’ve often found myself saying to industry peers.

Thinking Holistically

One of the key takeaways I’ve gleaned from this era of digital transformation is the need to view events as a holistic journey for our prospects and clients. Gone are the days when a single, blockbuster event was enough. Today’s audience requires ongoing value and engagement, and the best part is, the technology to enable this is already at our fingertips.


The digital transformation prompted by COVID-19 isn’t a temporary shift—it’s a paradigm change that’s here to stay. By embracing technology and adopting a holistic approach, we’re better equipped to provide consistent value and stay relevant in an ever-changing landscape.

If we want to thrive, we must align our strategies to encompass both digital and physical worlds. We can’t afford to be one-hit wonders and then wonder why executives didn’t show. The value has to be consistent, and technology is there to enable this,” is my advice to those still hesitating to make the digital leap.

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