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Events Uncovered - Silent Disco
Insights from Luli Adeyemo on authentic event planning, inclusion, and maximizing engagement at Events Uncovered 2023
Key Takeaways from Luli Adeyemo's Discussion:

On Thursday, 10th August 2023, at the Sydney Masonic Centre, a panel discussion titled ‘Harnessing the power of creativity and human connection to deliver more engaging and inclusive events’ took place as part of the Events Uncovered conference. Luli Adeyemo, the Director and Founder of Best Case Scenario, was one of the esteemed panellists, alongside other industry leaders.

Authentic Creativity Over Aesthetic Flair: Luli emphasized the importance of authenticity in event planning. Instead of pursuing creativity for its own sake, it’s vital to understand the audience and the purpose of the event. Authenticity ensures that the event resonates with its attendees and serves its intended purpose effectively.

The Longevity of Engagement: An event’s success isn’t just about the day itself. Luli highlighted the importance of engaging with potential attendees well before the event starts. With significant time and investment going into each event, maximizing engagement before, during, and after the event is crucial.


Luli spoke on a panel featuring Anna Sheppard and Kai Raisbeck

Inclusion Matters: With 20% of the population having a disability, Luli underscored the importance of making events inclusive. This includes considering aspects like digital assets and color contrasts to ensure everyone can participate fully.

Redefining Metrics: While traditional metrics like attendee numbers and post-event surveys are essential, Luli pointed out the value of social media listening. Understanding attendees’ sentiments and feelings provides real metrics that can offer deeper insights into an event’s impact.

The Power of Human Connection: Luli reminisced about the ’90s, a time with limited channels of information. Today, with countless ways to access information, the real superpower of events is bringing people together. Networking and connecting with like-minded individuals over common topics is an unmatched experience.

Interactive Experiences: Luli shared an anecdote about a post-lunch silent disco and sensor vests at the conference. Such interactive experiences highlight how different people interact and the power of music in bringing everyone together.

Spice Magazine’s Events Uncovered conference, held on 10th August in Sydney, aimed to inspire attendees with new ideas, engaging conversations, and a celebration of the event industry. The conference showcased a line-up of inspirational leaders, fresh trends, innovative suppliers, and venue offerings, making it a must-attend for industry professionals.

As you can see below the silent disco added some energy to the room and certainly broke the ice for some really fun and engaging networking – who said events are boring? 

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