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‘In Conversation with Change Makers’ Launch

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Best Case Scenario launches much anticipated podcast series: In Conversation with Change Makers

Industry thought leader and Best Case Scenario Founder & Director Luli Adeyemo has launched a brand new video and podcast series aptly titled ‘In Conversation with Change Makers’.

Speaking directly with influential change makers within Healthcare, Government, Finance, and Technology, Luli is creating dialogue to uncover disruptive innovations, developing trends, and ethical responsibilities from those at the forefront of making change. Dedicated to shifting the way their organisations and industries operate, each ‘In Conversation with Change Makers’ guest brings high level understanding, deep purpose, and powerful insight designed to inspire and empower change.

"We believe in the power of people, the responsibility of organisations, and the importance of industries to drive change, to improve the lives of others."

Episode #1

Government Policy Driving Innovation​​

Corrie McLeod & James Riley, InnovationAus

Photo of James Riley from InnovationAus on a blue circle background alongside Corrie McLeod from InnovationAus on a purple circle background
Pictured: James Riley, Editorial Director (Left), Corrie McLeod, Publisher (Right)
InnovationAus logo in black and green font

The very first edition of In Conversation with Change Makers features Publisher Corrie McLeod and Editorial Director James Riley from the tech and innovation focussed publication InnovationAus, who will be discussing government policy driving innovation in Australia.

InnovationAus is an independent publication that reports on government policy as it affects technology-based innovation across the nation’s growth industries. From mining and agriculture to financial services, MedTech, cyber security and advanced manufacturing, the journalism focuses on the opportunities that align with Australia’s strategic priorities and connects government, institutional researchers, investors, entrepreneurs and the mainstream business community.

InnovationAus’ goal is to galvanise new thinking and encourage new action in building on Australia’s economy in transition.​ Through their publication, targeted industry forums, high-level roundtables and bespoke content and events, InnovationAus provide information and insight on the application of new technology toward continued national prosperity. They provide independent and trusted information to its readers and is considered the record of choice for decision makers from government, industry and research sectors.

Corrie McLeod is a 17-year communications veteran and the Founder and Publisher of InnovationAus. Corrie sets the creative direction and operational execution of the organisation’s commercial offerings, ranging from business roundtables, content partners, forums and bespoke events, as well as the publication’s advertising partnerships. 

As the InnovationAus Publisher, Corrie is also responsible for managing the role InnovationAus plays in the Australian media landscape, as well as its place as an independent voice within the local technology ecosystem.

Editorial Director James Riley has a long history as a technology reporter in Australia and in Asia and is the Founder and Editorial Director of InnovationAus. Over a 30-year career in journalism, James has worked in newspapers, industry magazines, radio and online, including lengthy reporting stints at the South China Morning Post, The Australian, and InformationWeek.

As the Editorial Director, James sets the tone and direction of InnovationAus reporting, as well as advising on building programs for business roundtables and bespoke events. James has a specific interest in industry development policy as it relates to the Australian technology sector.

In the very first edition of the ‘In Conversation with Change Makers’ series, Corrie and James uncover some of the biggest challenges they see facing innovation in technology, how the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the course of new technology in market, and where they see leaders coming together, working towards changing government policy in Australia.

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01 September 2021   |   23mins

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