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Hosted by industry thought leader and Best Case Scenario Founder & Director, Luli Adeyemo


In Conversation with Change Makers‘ is designed to inspire and empower change makers. We believe in the power of people, the responsibility of organisations, and the importance of industries to drive change to improve the lives of others.

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AI in marketing

5 AI Applications for Event Marketing backed by insights and Statistics

Our last blog looked at burnout amongst marketing professionals for a variety of reasons such as the high volume of mundane tasks, deadlines and more. We now look at how AI can help marketing professionals to win back time but also how it is reshaping how they engage audiences, personalise experiences, and measure success. This blog explores five key AI applications in event marketing, backed by compelling statistics and insights.

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Best Case Scenario - End of week wrap up in technology and healthcare focused events.

Driving Change Through Dynamic Engagements: A Week of Progressive Collaborations at Best Case Scenario

At Best Case Scenario, stillness is a concept we’re unfamiliar with. Every dawn brings a promise of transformative engagements, each tailored to drive meaningful change. The core of our impact in the tech sector is mirrored through the innovative organisations that choose to unite with us on this exhilarating journey. This week was a testament to our unwavering commitment to fostering change, and here’s a glimpse into our ventures.

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