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Turning away clients helps our event management business

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We don’t use the rock, paper, scissors game to select our clients and which business events to work on, this method would certainly be the demise of my event management days

Seriously, I don’t like turning away business, but I had to graciously decline a brief recently. It’s important to me that we are a perfect ‘fit’ for our clients and our team remain focused on what they do best.

A taster of the brief…

“to manage a Halloween party for 60 students and teachers, (with a $400 budget for the tap bar – ‘at least’)”.

On the upside, Best Case Scenario are appealing to the millennial generation, after all 13% of Millennials are making B2B buying decisions, and an additional 28% are influencing that decision-making (source: SnapApp).

My business relies heavily on customer referrals, this means referred business is a better match for our services – because the person making the referral knows both us and the referee. Organisations do not want to spend time waiting for a PCO (Professional Conference Organiser) to get up to speed with their industry, hence why we get our bulk of referrals from within Government, Health and Technology sectors.

We especially enjoy sitting in a room with a group of like-minded people shooting ideas around –

  • how to do we get the most out of sponsorship investment at a Cybersecurity event?
  • how can we simplify Artificial Intelligence and demonstrate its capabilities?
  • who can we get to talk about different technology issues, such as security, data, automation?
  • which influential people from Government can we bring together to have a conversation that can make a difference?
  • how can we get more from this event, as it’s not just an isolated activity – we need more than just a one hit wonder!
  • And our ultimate favourite: Why would a person attend this? What’s in it for them?

It’s easy to see why the student Halloween party didn’t really push our buttons, I’m sure it will be a really fun event, but our passion lies in making a difference for our clients and the industry they are involved in.

For those of you in doubt of the types of events we work on see our case studies or Success Stories as we like to call them. There is a recap over our 2018 event schedule.

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