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Fintech virtual market mission

London, UK & Melbourne, Australia, 2nd July 2020: Global expansion specialists Newfound today announced the first ever virtual fintech trade mission between the UK and the APAC region since the coronavirus shutdown. The mission aims to open export markets, create new jobs, and scale up opportunities for the fintech sector and the broader digital economy across both regions.

The virtual trade mission has won wide support across both public and private sector with launch partners including Best Case Scenario, FinTech Australia, FinTechNZ, Global Victoria, New South Wales Government, Stone and Chalk and Tech Nation.

“This is an exciting event that will showcase the ‘best of the best’ in the fintech industry across both regions, opening new markets and creating opportunity for expansion, growth and jobs as the global economy looks to recover from the devastating impact of the coronavirus.”

Newfound will launch the Market Missions programme with a free event on July 15th to be opened by the Lord Mayor of London William Russell. The launch will feature sessions from leading figures in fintech, who will talk about the challenges and opportunities for fintechs scaling to the UK and Australia in the COVID era.

This will be followed by a 2-week digital trade mission to Australia on September 7th and then a UK equivalent commencing on September 14th. The programme featuring 100+ in-market experts will attract high-growth fintech firms from the UK, EMEA and APAC regions.

The trade mission has gained strong support from the fintech sectors lead industry body, FinTech Australia, with CEO Rebecca Schot-Guppy applauding Newfound’s innovative approach in creating a program where UK fintechs can learn and realise the benefits of an Australian expansion, all without leaving home.

“Newfound’s programme works around the limitations of COVID-19, allowing us to keep growing the global renown of our ecosystem in a period where we are largely cut off from the rest of the world.”

With the Australian fintech sectors revenue predicted to exceed 4 billion in investment [1] prior to the coronavirus and with more than 50% of Australian fintechs looking to expand overseas, the timing of this world first trade mission could not be better, as Australia and the UK look to recuperate from the devastating economic impact of the coronavirus.

"It is time to help kickstart the world’s economies and Newfound’s Market Mission for fintechs is a significant step in that direction, as we bring these innovative fintech businesses together, who are ready to grow and expand their operations into new markets.”

The Newfound fintech trade mission comes on the heels of positive negotiations that are now underway to create a Free Trade Agreement between the UK, Australia and New Zealand, which Mr. Gillingwater says is creating great excitement across both regions.

“Trade deals between nations and trade missions such as these are key to global economic recovery, which must continue, even with closed physical borders,” Mr her said.

To register your interest in Newfound’s Market Missions programme and attend the event on July 15th 2020 please click here.