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Real Data Insights Driving Healthcare and Government Engagement

Marketing technology innovations to Healthcare and Government audiences can be tricky. Thankfully, the message of harnessing technology for better patient outcomes and better citizen experience strongly resonates beyond the IT community.  Today, this message is more meaningful to key stakeholders within Government and Healthcare. However, cutting through this message to open up growth opportunities for technology innovators to engage with technology buyers within these sectors remains a challenge. 

Energise Engagement with Healthcare Buyers

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The objective of our client was to create new and maintain meaningful engagements with healthcare technology buyers and influencers.

We have had many conversations with overseas technology innovators looking to expand to Australia, and the writing is on the wall; both sectors plan to increase investment in technology.

According to the HIMSS Future of Healthcare Report, 80% of healthcare providers plan to increase investment in technology and digital solutions over the next five years. 

Last year it was announced the Digital Transformation Agency (DTA), will receive an additional AU$ 59 million over four years to continue to provide enhanced digital and IT oversight and advice. Their mission is to drive and secure the Australian Government’s investment in Australia’s digital future.

How can technology innovators harness this investment?

The most common pain point for technology marketers from our experience is engagement at the top to middle of the funnel – from creating awareness, initiating engagement, and maintaining meaningful engagement to guide audiences through the funnel, transitioning into loyal customers.

We’ve seen the most effective engagement campaigns driven by real data insights. What does this mean?

A lot has happened over the past two years within Government and Healthcare and understanding these changes through data insights on customers, markets, and industries will pinpoint the most productive allocation of marketing budget to effectively craft and personalise messages that engage audiences.

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Our own technology clients appreciate the power of data-driven insights for marketing purposes, with 64% of marketers surveyed stating they ‘strongly agree’ data-driven marketing is crucial to their companies, according to research by CMO by Adobe.

In 2021, our client engagement programs aimed at Healthcare and Government initiated with research and the collection and interpretation of data to shape audience engagement campaigns. This then enabled us to build buyer personas and create targeted content, and off the back of these insights present findings to both sales and marketing.

It’s not surprising the most popular marketing offerings to our technology clients in 2021 included:

  • Technology user research in Healthcare, FSI and Government
  • Sales and Marketing Alignment Workshops
  • Buyer Persona Creation
  • Targeted Content Creation

Healthcare and Government Stakeholder Engagement

Thankfully, among our technology community there has been a massive shift of focus from quick wins and lead generation to meaningful stakeholder engagement within the Healthcare and Government communities. Our partnerships with associations, lobbyists and Government agencies places us in a great position to advise and guide technology innovators on how they can make an impact in the future of Healthcare and Government sectors.

Read more about our work with partners here.

About Best Case Scenario

Founded in 2007, Best Case Scenario create business opportunities to empower change-makers. They believe in the power of people to create meaningful change. They leverage strong relationships within the Technology, Government, Financial and Health sector to bring the right people together to have meaningful conversations. They work with ambitious companies to help them grow and achieve outstanding results.

Connect direct with Best Case Scenario’s Founder and Director, Luli Adeyemo at

Government Healthcare News Technology

Supporting tech innovation as an enabler within Australian Healthcare & Government Sectors

We invite technology innovators to learn about our initiatives within these sectors that include:

Technology as an enabler in healthcare

Drive conversations in healthcare

We continue to gather a mix of forward thinkers from different skill sets and backgrounds together to have meaningful conversations on what needs to be done when it comes to leveraging technology for better patient outcomes. Last year we worked with our partner Queensland AI Hub to build a forum to discuss AI in Healthcare featuring Queensland University, Metro South Health, and Deloitte. In 2022 we will continue to drive similar conversations with a variety of stakeholders.

A conduit between Healthcare stakeholders

We are currently engaging with a number of associations, government representatives, regulators, academia, healthtech and patient representatives to collaborate and navigate the complexity of the healthcare sector. Reach out to me to be part of it, 2022 will the year of ‘doers’.

Medical personnel holding a mobile phone, using technology in healthcare

Leverage research to propel better patient outcomes in Healthcare through tech

We will continue to undertake healthcare sector research on behalf of technology leaders to create insightful and educational content on how technology can be leveraged to deliver better patient outcomes. The results of such studies are distributed to our network of associations to reach the users of tech within healthcare settings.

Technology as an enabler in government

Scrabble pieces forming a word 'Government'

Grow diversity within NSW government’s tech supplier network.

Via #TechDiversty foundation we teamed up with Cultural Infusion and approached NSW Government to implement a data driven platform called Diversity Atlas across all strategic partners that provide technology services to the state Government, to understand tech workforce diversity. This is an excellent opportunity for our technology clients to align with a Government procurement process that puts diversity and inclusion as a priority. Reach out to me to find out more.

Data driven insights to help tech innovators sell and market to Government

Provide technology innovators with access to data insights that will enable better ‘matchmaking’ between tech innovation and Government request for tender (RFTs).  Organisations can throw a lot of resource at RFTs with little insights. These data insights help organisations to uncover partnerships for RFT success.  Our clients use this service for competitor insights and plan future resource allocation to submit upcoming RFTs.

Support and attract more talent to the tech sector

Continue to volunteer our time to lead not for profit #TechDiversity foundation, we recently secured a partnership with the Tech Council of Australia and their recently launched initiative; the Digital Employment Forum (DEF). We will support and educate their members so they can attract and retain a diverse and inclusive workforce.

We’ve advised some amazing women-led businesses from Sri-Lanka with the Export Council of Australia and from Canada to New Zealand with SheEO, where we participated in virtual trade events.

We are actively mentoring overseas organisations with setting up and growing their market presence in Australia as part of The International Growth Programme lead by our UK partner TechNation

Group of diverse people sitting and conversing

Continue discussions with key change makers

We are excited to continue insightful conversations from real change makers within our industry – follow and share our podcast

Below are some of the following conversations we will publish this year. 

Want to grow your business?

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Founded in 2007, Best Case Scenario believe in the power of people to create meaningful change. We provide strategic, targeted end-to-end integrated marketing solutions that utilise industry research to inspire transformational outcomes.

Best Case Scenario leverage strong relationships within the Technology, Government, Financial and Healthcare sectors to bring the right people together to create meaningful conversations. We work with ambitious companies to help them grow and achieve outstanding results.

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Featured Healthcare News Technology

Queensland AI for Healthcare

“This is an exciting time for AI driven Healthcare, according to research company Ecosystm, as vaccine distribution and tracking become crucial, healthcare organisations will opt for a more collaborative, AI driven supply chain. This is just one key indicator that there is a need now more than ever for collaborative opportunities such as the AI Healthcare Forum 2021"

Luli Adeyemo, Director, Best Case Scenario

AI in Healthcare is now truly at the forefront during this COVID-19 era. However, over the past few years it is champions like Queensland AI Hub and Best Case Scenario who have facilitated and encouraged the adoption of AI technologies within the Australian Healthcare sector.

In this new decade they celebrate their newly formed partnership, facilitating a stronger AI community in Australia bringing together clinicians, hospitals leaders, innovators, universities, industry and government talent at the AI Healthcare Forum 2021.

Best Case Scenario will bring to the partnership its significant experience in developing hybrid events in a Covid-19 era as well as its extensive network in the technology and healthcare sector.

“Luli and her team are an obvious partner of choice for the AI Healthcare Forum 2021, their expertise in delivering educational forums both online and face to face backed by their program development, sponsorship engagement and marketing skills is what attracted us to them”

Sue Keay, CEO, Queensland AI Hub

About AI Healthcare Forum 2021

Opportunities are now open to speak and sponsor at the forum, please contact to receive more information.

About the Queensland Artificial Intelligence (AI) Hub

Established in April 2020, the Queensland Artificial Intelligence (AI) Hub brings regions, innovation hubs, universities, industry and government talent together to maximise people development, skills utilisation, investment and our competitive edge on a global scale. The Hub connects Queensland’s AI ecosystem and champions the AI community, ensuring our AI creators, investors, industry, government and communities have the right skills and support to understand and implement artificial intelligence at scale. Sue Keay, CEO, Queensland AI Hub

“Best Case Scenario were approached by Queensland AI Hub to help deliver their AI Healthcare Forum 2021, I was impressed by their impact and influence on the wider AI sector delivering bespoke education and training programs to develop a future-ready workforce, while advocating for AI, advising on government policy and benchmarking global best practices”

Luli Adeyemo, Director, Best Case Scenario

About Best Case Scenario

Founded in 2007, Best Case Scenario create business opportunities to empower change-makers. They believe in the power of people to create meaningful change. They leverage strong relationships within the Technology, Government, Financial and Health sector to bring the right people together to have meaningful conversations. They work with ambitious companies to help them grow and achieve outstanding results.

Luli Adeyemo, Director, Best Case Scenario

Healthcare News

Human-to-human engagement… all in a day’s work

Best Case Scenario’s Director, Luli Adeyemo is humbled by speakers, blown away by presentation visuals and bringing a focus on challenges facing the metropolitan population of NSW

I have a genuine interest in all of my client’s industries and this is where I learn about trends, opportunities and synergies emerging between different sectors, in particular technology, government and health.  One of the perks of my job is being able to attend our client’s sessions and speak with delegates and speakers.

Yesterday, I was brought to tears by Biomedical engineer Jordan Nguyan, who spoke at a conference Best Case Scenario managed – Private Healthcare Australia Conference.  I was humbled by his mission in life is to improve the lives of as many people as possible and to be a driving force behind positive human and technological evolution into the future.  There were other great sessions also such as ‘Disruption of private health from the inside – will this save the sector?’ and ‘Patient’s and their medical records – much more than just accessing their data’.

November has been a busy month for the team at Best Case Scenario, kicking off with our own event AI-In-Medicine (AIMed) early November. Yesterday, November 28th was an epic day for the BCS team in terms of event management – between them they ran four events on this day.  A briefing on behalf of AIIA NSW Healthcare Briefing- Local Health Districts, as mentioned above a conference showcasing the best of the Australian Private Healthcare industry, managing Microsoft’s sponsorship engagement at LGIT 2019 Conference and Exhibition that attracted representatives of local government, state government agencies and business corporations and also in Canberra, Microsoft’s excitement days targeted at their clients.

We are truly blessed to be part of the human to human engagement platforms that are important to the lives of Australians.  We of course welcome in 2020 with a plethora of small briefings, intimate round tables, spectacular summits and engaging conferences in our core sectors – Government, Technology & Health.

Human to human engagement

Human to human engagement is what my team does best, we have capacity to use the experience and knowledge we have gained for new projects. Please email us if you are thinking of ways to engage with your clients.

Highlights  – Team BCS running four events in one day!

Healthcare News


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