Are Australian events digitally inclusive?

There is no doubt that venues and event planners across Australia take accessibility and inclusion seriously, especially when it comes to physical access to meeting rooms, transportation, signage etc. Unfortunately, in many cases the same type of consideration isn’t taken in a digital environment. Our new service is featured in CIM Business Events.

I became aware of this when NSW Government and National Disability Insurance Scheme approached Best Case Scenario Event Management to build a web accessibility compliant registration platform. As an event management company based in Sydney for over 10 years, we know our industry wants to be more inclusive and diverse.

Many Australian event planners are at risk because of web accessibility gaps in their event registration platforms and other digital platforms.

Event planners are unaware that in Australia under the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 websites are required to be accessible. In addition, disability discrimination accounts for the highest volume of complaints (37%) to the Australian Human Rights Commission and this number is steadily increasing.

I have invested heavily in training my staff as well as partnering with web accessibility auditor me2 Accessibility to deliver an end-to-end accessibility compliant web and registration platform service for the events industry.

If event venues wish to extend this invitation to their clients or include our services in their event handbook then please contact us directly,