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‘In Conversation with Change Makers’ Episode #6

Speaking directly with influential change makers within Healthcare, Government, Finance, and Technology, Best Case Scenario Director & Founder Luli Adeyemo is creating much-needed dialogue to uncover disruptive innovations, developing trends, and ethical responsibilities from those at the forefront of making change.

In the sixth instalment of In Conversation with Change Makers, Luli meets with Murray Hurps, Director of Entrepreneurship at the University of Technology (UTS), to discuss the challenges facing technology startups to obtain adequate means for success, and how rapidly the startup industry is growing in Australia.

Please note this conversation took place near the end of 2021, but the topics discussed are still relevant today. 

"I believe every company will fail eventually, but no entrepreneur fails to get something valuable from their pursuit of entrepreneurship."

Episode #6

Navigating the Australian Startup Ecosystem

Murray Hurps, University of Technology Sydney (UTS)

Pictured: Murray Hurps - Director of Entrepreneurship, University of Technology Sydney (UTS)

UTS Startups is the home of entrepreneurship at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), inspiring students to be entrepreneurs and supporting them at scale. Students develop the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to explore entrepreneurship in their career.

UTS Startups is the largest community of startups in Australia and the largest program to inspire new tech entrepreneurs in schools, communities and at the university. As the appointment Director of Entrepreneurship, Murray Hurps supports work across the university to inspire and support entrepreneurship at scale.

In addition to his work at UTS, Murray has developed software used by over 100 million users, implemented the largest survey of Australia’s startup ecosystem (as Co-Founder of Startup Muster), grown Australia’s largest network of startup hubs, designed and implemented Australia’s first data-focused accelerator program for Australia’s oldest company (Westpac).

In the sixth edition of the ‘In Conversation with Change Makers’ series, Murray and Luli discuss the definition of success, the rapid growth of entrepreneurs, and advice for those in the process of beginning their own startup.

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Please note this conversation took place near the end of 2021, but the topics discussed are still relevant today.

Duration: 20 mins

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About Best Case Scenario

Founded in 2007, Best Case Scenario believe in the power of people to create meaningful change. We provide strategic, targeted end-to-end integrated marketing solutions that utilize industry research to inspire transformational outcomes.

Best Case Scenario leverage strong relationships within the Technology, Government, Financial and Healthcare sectors to bring the right people together to create meaningful conversations. We work with ambitious companies to help them grow and achieve outstanding results.

Case Study Healthcare Technology

Data insights for healthcare engagement

The Challenge

The objective of our client was to create new and maintain meaningful engagements with healthcare technology buyers and influencers, a typically competitive landscape where many technology organisations struggle to engage.

The Solution

We worked with our client to develop custom research and use data insights to effectively engage top to the middle of the funnel – from creating awareness, initiating engagement to guiding healthcare technology buyers effectively through the funnel, transitioning into loyal customers.

  • Brainstorm and identify the key areas of interest the study should focus on from data interoperability standards to challenges faced. Identify key personas.
  • Using our analyst experts and best practices build an effective study questions. Then conduct 200 telephonic interviews with pre-qualified respondents in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Maximise investment and use data insights to create key marketing assets to complement the buyers journey from easy to digest data via infographics to whitepapers.
  • Turn data insights in thought leadership.

Persona Enhancement & Key Data

Data gathered from the study enabled the further development of key personas with a detailed understanding of their key challenges and needs.

A sample of the data points collected in this study can be seen below:

 List title not bold:

  • Business and technology priorities.
  • 3 main technology areas of focus in the next 12 months.
  • Digital transformation needs status.
  • Type of data analysed by personas.
  • Identify Public vs Private hospitals and geographical locations.
  • Rate the level of trust the organisation has with data.

Study Report & Analyst Q&A

Research Report: Delivered as a ppt report (in pdf format) authored by Ecosystm lead analyst team, this report synthesised data from the survey and incorporated analyst guidance where appropriate. This report provided views by country and persona to provide meaningful and actionable insights for the client.

Analyst Q&A for Stakeholders: Ecosystm’s leading analyst answered questions gathered from our clients’ senior stakeholders. The aim of this session is to equip our client’s executives with a deep understanding of audience needs and be able to better engage with potential clients.

The Client

Our client’s vision is simple; to empower care providers and connect care communities around clearly presented, easy-to-use, and comprehensive health information.

Their connected health solutions enable the healthcare sector to deliver higher-value, more sustainable care.

Industry Associations News Technology

Supporting industry associations is the key to propelling tech adoption across other industry sectors.

A survey conducted by Bain & Company and Twitter, as part of their ongoing research on how the Covid-19 pandemic is changing B2B marketing dynamics, found that buyers trust community sources over ads and other sources, such as sales reps, webinars and vendor websites. From our experience, this finding is nothing new and existed in pre-pandemic days.

One such community source that has an impact on tech buyers are industry associations who are making valuable contributions to educating sectors such as Government and Healthcare on the importance of tech.

I began volunteering with the AIIA (Australian Information Industry Association) many years ago and most recently with the Tech Council of Australia via my work with #TechDiversity, they are relentlessly propelling tech adoption across industry sectors.

Technology innovators who align with what matters to associations will be seen.

Associations are often overlooked when it comes to technology communication strategies and the impact they have on Government, Healthcare, FSI and other sectors. Many have admirable goals that influence the innovation in Australia such as:

  • Building links with universities and industry to commercialise innovative research

  • Developing effective regulatory settings for a tech-enabled economy

  • Skilling the technology workforce and improving access to talent overseas

  • Boosting Government investment in tech

It’s possible for tech innovators to create a genuine alignment with associations for example, one association we have had the pleasure of working with, Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association (AHHA), recently released their 2022 election statement. The AHHA is Australia’s national peak body for public and not-for-profit hospitals and healthcare providers, they attract a captive audience.

Their election statement outlines four key areas of reform urgently needed in shifting to more outcomes-focused, value-based health care.

  • Measure and report what matters
  • Build a sustainable and resilient workforce
  • Provide stewardship and support that enables regional innovation and reform
  • Use funding models and incentivise improved health outcomes

Here is an excellent opportunity for technology innovators to get involved in the conversation, to be outwardly focused on how their innovation can impact one or more of the above key areas of reform.

Technology marketing and sales professionals shouldn’t underestimate the importance of their organisation being part of conversations among the tech buyer community.

I regularly speak with tech buyers within Government, Healthcare and FSI and the message from them is consistent, they seek out information from their peers and thought leadership on industry trends that give valuable perspectives.

More tech innovators are seeing this trend and are taking a considered and educated approach when communicating the value of their innovations to industry sectors who will benefit from investing in tech.

Acting as a conduit puts us in a privileged position

Our team are privileged to work with a myriad of industry associations both in Australia and overseas, all trusted voices who represent their industry from Technology, Government, FSI to Healthcare.  

The main motivation for us when working with industry associations is to propel the adoption of technology within sectors that can leverage tech to change lives for good. 

As we continue to work with many other associations beyond just technology, together we are driving purpose-led conversations such as delivering better citizen experience to supporting healthcare professionals via the use of technology.

About Best Case Scenario

Founded in 2007, Best Case Scenario create business opportunities to empower change-makers. They believe in the power of people to create meaningful change. They leverage strong relationships within the Technology, Government, Financial and Health sector to bring the right people together to have meaningful conversations. They work with ambitious companies to help them grow and achieve outstanding results.

Connect direct with Best Case Scenario’s Founder and Director, Luli Adeyemo at

Case Study Government SMB

Global Trade Market Mission

women entrepreneurs from Sri Lanka being assisted by The export council of Australia's global virtual market mission

The Brief

The Export Council of Australia (ECA) partnered with Best Case Scenario to design and manage the Sri Lankan Women Trading Globally program’s virtual events, aimed at businesses expanding into the Australian market.

The core objective of the program was to provide valuable information, key takeaways, and the necessary tools needed to undertake cross-border trade for 25 women entrepreneurs based in Sri Lanka who were taking part in the program.

There were two engagements organised and managed by Best Case Scenario in conjunction with Export Council of Australia (ECA):

  1. Virtual Trade Missions – This session focussed on setting up the cohort for success. Two panel sessions allowed for an interactive format, helping prepare their business for expansion into Australia.
  2. PitchFest – This session focused on preparing and presenting a business pitch, providing a platform to present in front of an expert panel. The panel provided real-time feedback to each Sri Lankan entrepreneur, focussing on polishing their skills for future pitches.

Our deliverables included:

  • Assist women entrepreneurs from Sri Lanka to enhance their international marketing and business pitching skills.
  • Design the format, structure, and content for two virtual events.
  • Provide virtual delegates with an engaging experience.
  • Deliver seamless technical delivery.
  • Support all panelists and speakers presenting.
  • Craft and communicate pre-event details to cohort members and guests.
  • Post-event follow up materials and resources provided to the cohort.

"We engaged Best Case Scenario to co-deliver sessions on doing business in Australia for Sri Lankan women entrepreneurs. BCS expertly managed the virtual platform and arranged the participation of inspirational industry speakers. In the final PitchFest, the women entrepreneurs demonstrated their enhanced confidence and skills to take on global markets. Thanks to Luli and her team for their enthusiastic support of these women."

The Solution

Best Case Scenario Marketing worked with the Export Council of Australia (ECA) to assist women entrepreneurs from Sri Lanka to enhance their international marketing and business pitching skills.

The cohort of 25 women-owned businesses, based in Sri Lanka, were either in the fashion, food and beverage, IT, packaging, consulting, or personal care industries. They participated in the Australia Awards Women Trading Globally (WTG) program funded by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and managed by the ECA, assisting women entrepreneurs from developing countries to undertake cross-border trade.

The first event of the program, Virtual Trade Missions, included two panel sessions: ‘Doing Business in Australia’ and ‘Effective Selling’ and were joined by six expert panellists here in Australia:

Kaveeta Ram, Senior Export Product Specialist | Woolworths Group

Clare Menzies, National Sales Manager | Australian international traders

Dr. Pavel Reddy, Managing Director | Clearpoint Ventures

Lara Chrystal, Founder & Director | Matchstick Marketing

Alexi Boyd, Chief Executive Officer | Council of Small Business Organisations Australia (COSBOA)

Julie Trell, Country Lead | SheEO™

The second event in the program ‘PitchFest – Delivering Your Pitch’ was open to any Australian-based organisations, investors, or business leaders interested in watching some exceptional entrepreneurial businesses looking to expand into the region. The PitchFest session provided an opportunity to see each business pitch live with the ability to interact with the cohort.

We were joined by industry experts who shared their insights with the Sri Lankan women entrepreneurs. The experts included:

Julie Trell, Country Lead | SheEO™

Dr. Pavel Reddy, Managing Director | Clearpoint Ventures

Elizabeth Mulhall, Entrepreneur in Residence | Startupbootcamp
Tom Tindall, Director | ORIENTIQUE

Kaveeta Ram, Senior Export Product Specialist | Woolworths Group International

Amy Cheung, CEO | Con Moto and Halls Global

Albert John, Director | Oceania Impex Australia

The Results

Operational Outcomes

  • Assisted in sourcing content – identify speakers, topics and key take homes.
  • Successfully coordinated multiple panellists based in Australia and 25 women entrepreneurs based in Sri Lanka across two virtual events.
  • Seamlessly delivered 2 x 2-hour virtual events with varying technical requirements, including panel sessions, group audience participation, Q&A sessions, and remote screensharing capabilities.
  • Successfully managed the marketing engagement

Engagement Outcomes

  • High engagement – 23 out of 25 cohort members participating in the ‘Virtual Trade Missions’ event.
  • Over 60% attendees were actively engaged in the Q&A sessions.
best case scenarios business partner includes the export council of australia
The Client

The Export Council of Australia are the peak body representing every player in the ecosystem of international trade. Their members are individuals, small, medium, and large enterprises, coming from different industries and sectors. Their member exporters are involved in both the manufacturing of goods and delivery of services in a variety of industries, exporting into a diverse range of markets across the world.

The Export Council of Australia partner with organisation who provide marketing and legal advice, arrange logistics and transport services, and facilitate information flows to ease trade processes. They also collaborate with government departments at the federal, state, and local levels to advance issues that have impact at scale.

The Australia Awards Women Trading Globally program funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade under the Aid for Trade budget was designed to assist women entrepreneurs from developing countries to undertake international or cross-border business.

Case Study Finance Start-Up Technology

FinTech Market Mission

image of statistics on a laptop screen

The Brief

To design a program that was fully immersive and could rival a physical mission. To source and work with local trade partners and incubators who could attract FinTech’s who are serious about expanding into Australia, FinTech’s looking to expand to the UK and scale-ups from Western Australia looking to expand to the UK.

It was important to craft a programme that was balanced enough to provide scale-ups with the information they needed to set up in Australia and the UK, to keep participants engaged and be highly interactive with open channels of communication.

They needed us to:

  • A fully immersive program scheduled over ten days to accommodate multiple time-zones. Including:
    1. Keynote presentations from Industry experts and Government Ministers
    1. Workshops such as ‘setting up a business in Australia’
    1. Pitch day for scale-ups to pitch to potential local investors
    1. Breakout sessions
    1. Networking sessions
    1. 1-on-1 meetings
  • Content creation
  • Managing the virtual platform and sessions
  • Technical support
  • Speaker sourcing and management
    1. A dynamic MC
    1. Sourcing key speakers and innovators from the FinTech
    1. Community
    1. Script preparation
    1. Keynote performance coaching
    1. Rehearsal management
  • Secure Government support and buy-in

The Market Mission was insightful and well run. If you’re looking to break into a new market, these seminars can save you an awful amount of time, money, and pain. Access to senior people in the industry, even at the government level, is impressive.”

The Solution

The Virtual Trade Mission was a huge success. A large part was the ability to secure Government support from Senator Jane Hume, the Federal Coalition’s Assistant Minister for Superannuation, Financial Services and Financial Technology, who launched the Australian virtual FinTech Market Mission. The Australian launch event had over 150 registered participants from nine countries.

For the mission, the program attracted:

  • 18 FinTech’s looking to expand into Australia
  • 18 FinTech’s looking to expand to the UK and
  • 10 scale-ups from Western Australia looking to expand to the U.K

The programme development was instrumental in bringing together key representatives from KPMG, FinTech Australia, Victorian Government, NSW Government, Trade & Investment Queensland as well as start-up communities such as Stone & Chalk & York Butter Factory, Innovation Hub, Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), Austrade, Ecosystm and many more. Following the event, these trade mission champions aim to keep the wheels of innovation and growth in motion during these challenging times.

Australian firms keen to take part in world first virtual fintech trade mission

The Results

The Client

Best Case Scenario were delighted to coordinate the virtual trade mission for 18 rising FinTech Scale-Ups, from UK, NZ, Sweden and India. The two-week virtual event featured more than 50 speakers including Senator Jane Hume, Assistant Minister for Superannuation, Financial Services and Financial Technology.

We connected key stakeholders made up of forward-thinking business leaders and in-market experts to impart tangible advice to setting up in Australia and the resources available to assist growth.

Case Study Healthcare Industry Associations Technology

Australian healthcare providers engagement

Image of a doctor using a mobile phone

The Brief

The AHHA approached Best Case Scenario along with their technical partner Original Syndicate to support the Value-Based Health Care (VBHC) Conference to create an engaging hybrid format (both face-to-face and virtual modes),

The aim of the conference was to showcase and celebrate value-based healthcare innovation, initiatives, implementation, research, and training from all areas of the health care system, with discussion on topics as diverse as cancer, stroke, dental health, and more.

They needed us to:

  • Provide virtual delegates with an equally engaging experience as in person delegates.
  • Deliver seamless technical delivery.
  • Support the large number of international speakers presenting.
  • Be agile and flexible to accommodate speakers and sessions chairs changing from presenting in-person to remote. (Due to last minute border closures in VIC)

"The Best Case Scenario team not only provided confidence, they delivered it too, with some delegates informing that it was the best hybrid event they have ever attended! We cannot recommend BCS highly enough and would not hesitate to work with them again.”

The Solution

The inaugural VBHC Conference was a great success with over 350 delegates across Australia and Internationally in attendance.

Due to being a hybrid conference, the last-minute border closure in VIC caused little disruption to the delegates as they could still watch and engage with all the sessions and due to our technical expertise, we could easily support speakers who were now presenting remotely.

Highly Engaging Experience

The livestreaming platform we selected allowed the virtual attendees a highly engaging experience to view the sessions, network with all the delegates and interact in live Q&A providing as close to an in-person experience as possible.

Best Case Scenario provide event management for a hybrid value based health care conference in Perth

The Results

Operational Outcomes

  • Successfully coordinated 60+ speakers featuring clinicians, Government representatives and healthcare professionals
  • Seamlessly delivered 19 sessions over two days
  • Coordinated 35 remote speakers | 28 in-person speakers

Engagement Outcomes

  • High engagement – there were 1422 session views over the two-day conference period
  • 350+ interactive attendees (56% virtual | 44% in-person)
  • 130 downloads of sponsor information
  • Over 60% attendees were actively engaged in the Q&A and over 370 questions were asked
Australian healthcare and hospitals association logo
The Client

The Australian Healthcare & Hospitals Association (AHHA) is Australia’s national peak body for public and not-for-profit hospitals and healthcare providers.

Their vision is for a healthy Australia supported by the best possible healthcare system. Their membership includes state health departments, Local Hospital Networks and public hospitals, community health services, Primary Health Networks and primary healthcare providers, aged care providers, universities, individual health professionals and academics. They are uniquely placed to be an independent, national voice for universal high-quality healthcare to benefit the whole community.

Featured Healthcare News Technology

Queensland AI for Healthcare

“This is an exciting time for AI driven Healthcare, according to research company Ecosystm, as vaccine distribution and tracking become crucial, healthcare organisations will opt for a more collaborative, AI driven supply chain. This is just one key indicator that there is a need now more than ever for collaborative opportunities such as the AI Healthcare Forum 2021"

AI in Healthcare is now truly at the forefront during this COVID-19 era. However, over the past few years it is champions like Queensland AI Hub and Best Case Scenario who have facilitated and encouraged the adoption of AI technologies within the Australian Healthcare sector.

In this new decade they celebrate their newly formed partnership, facilitating a stronger AI community in Australia bringing together clinicians, hospitals leaders, innovators, universities, industry and government talent at the AI Healthcare Forum 2021.

Best Case Scenario will bring to the partnership its significant experience in developing hybrid events in a Covid-19 era as well as its extensive network in the technology and healthcare sector.

“Luli and her team are an obvious partner of choice for the AI Healthcare Forum 2021, their expertise in delivering educational forums both online and face to face backed by their program development, sponsorship engagement and marketing skills is what attracted us to them”

About AI Healthcare Forum 2021

Opportunities are now open to speak and sponsor at the forum, please contact to receive more information.

About the Queensland Artificial Intelligence (AI) Hub

Established in April 2020, the Queensland Artificial Intelligence (AI) Hub brings regions, innovation hubs, universities, industry and government talent together to maximise people development, skills utilisation, investment and our competitive edge on a global scale. The Hub connects Queensland’s AI ecosystem and champions the AI community, ensuring our AI creators, investors, industry, government and communities have the right skills and support to understand and implement artificial intelligence at scale. Sue Keay, CEO, Queensland AI Hub

“Best Case Scenario were approached by Queensland AI Hub to help deliver their AI Healthcare Forum 2021, I was impressed by their impact and influence on the wider AI sector delivering bespoke education and training programs to develop a future-ready workforce, while advocating for AI, advising on government policy and benchmarking global best practices”

About Best Case Scenario

Founded in 2007, Best Case Scenario create business opportunities to empower change-makers. They believe in the power of people to create meaningful change. They leverage strong relationships within the Technology, Government, Financial and Health sector to bring the right people together to have meaningful conversations. They work with ambitious companies to help them grow and achieve outstanding results.

Luli Adeyemo, Director, Best Case Scenario